Attending to the Day

Ordinary, everyday reality became Carol's major study when she lived in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 1995-1998. She has returned to this field of inquiry since moving to Whangarei, New Zealand, in 2005.

1290716541ToastAdjusted.jpg 12884949415-Rock-Melon.jpg 15-Garlic.jpg 12884953397-Hydrangea.jpg 1290823718sweetpeas & toast.jpg 1290823548Morning-dew.jpg 1290823472Anthurium.jpg 1290823411Persimmons.jpg 1290822587Three-Lemons-Adjusted.jpg 1290822464Pears-and-Colour-Scale-Adjusted.jpg 1290822315Two-Pears-Adjusted.jpg 1290822188Carrots-Dancing-Adjusted.jpg 128849543120-Roses.jpg
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Morning Toast. watercolour and crayon. 710mm x 580mm. 2001

Carol Schiffleger