Pecha Kucha. 28 October 2010

So...what have I been up to recently? The actual creation of this website has been a major part of my life/art over the past year, but I have been painting. Following an impulse to create small square paintings inspired by everyday things, I began a series of 10" x 10" (250mm x 250mm) acrylic canvases and at current count have painted thirty five.

Twenty of these paintings became the basis for a presentation given at the first Pecha Kucha 20x20 Event in Whangarei, New Zealand, held on April 29, 2010. To see a text version of my presentation, entitled "Time Out for Small Surprises," please contact me and I will send you the PDF.

Pecha Kucha was developed by two architects working in Japan, but it has spread to over three hundred cities around the world. The format entails speaking for 20 seconds each about twenty slides, so a presentation lasts 6 min. 40 secs. It was a huge challenge to find the right words for each image.

Here in Whangarei, there are always twelve presentations at each event and the subject matter covers a wide spectrum.


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Carol Schiffleger